Friday, September 6th, 2002: Jellies Guy Dom!

No Comic To current comic Jim!

Respectfully Yours...
2002-09-05 22:46:46
by: regolith
Er, sorry about this one, Dom, Emi-chan... Apon's cable is still broken and he also had to write stuff for work, so the script he wrote wasn't very good, and I took it upon myself to create a new one! I had Okashina Okashi as inspiration, of course, and now I know the power (and you all know the horror) of Doujinshi!

Yesss, the dark side is just another path...


Yeah, about that...
2002-09-06 07:53:38
by: apon

Wasn't very good? I was ready to shop it on the DrL boards as the worst comic we've ever done. At any rate, this is much better. I'm not sure where the horror aspect is supposed to come in though, unless you mean the implication that Dom is naked. That is, I suppose, a pretty frightening thought.

If I wasn't so neurotic over my writing things would be simpler. Thankfully the doc pretty much needs to be wrapped up today, so I'll have that off of my back. With any luck the customer will dig it.

I don't even know how many shines I have anymore. 40-something? Looking forward to a weekend of SMS and Ikaruga (UPS willing) goodness. ...and no MBC!


2002-09-06 22:58:37
by: DuckPuppy

It's a word so bad, I hate to say it. You know, the four-letter s-word... you know the one I mean... means a pile of heaping dung, or the terrible excrement of some diseased rodent.

Yeah, that's right. Sony.

I just can't express what I'm feeling about them at the moment. (No really, I can't. It's a business thing, and they are responsible for getting me more money someday, but right now, nothing fills me with more loathing and disgust. That'll wear off when the checks begin to arrive. I can be bought).

On a side note, I've just purchased Icewind Dale II, and look forward to the day when I'm not being Sony's bitch-whore and I can actually play it.