Friday, October 25th, 2002: The Spector Saga, Part 1: The Illuminati Taste Like Candy

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2002-10-24 23:52:55
by: apon

A few days ago I was talking to Justin about the comic, and somehow the topic turned to meat. In fact, it turned to the meat that had bled all over my vegetable drawer that day, coating the apples in it's red, delicious goodness. Suddenly I was struck with inspiration, and began writing. And writing. And writing! I wrote until five scripts worth of material were complete. Now my present to you part one of my masterpiece, The Spector Saga.

P.S. Just in case it isn't obvious, the guy who isn't Warren Spector has a gaping chest wound.


Trigger Happy
2002-10-25 07:22:13
by: apon
This is a whole hell of a lot of fun.


2002-10-26 22:14:13
by: regolith
So, last tuesday, I took the prequalifying test for a Georgia gov't job called "Programmer"... I got the results back, and I got a 97 out of... something. 100, I guess. There were 75 multiple choice questions where half were about really fun flowcharts where you get the starting values for some variables and you run through the flow chart and answer questions about how much fun you had. Half were about flow charts where you had to figure out the missing contents of one of the boxes. Half were about a programming language called "Test" where most of the questions deal with a goto statement skipping you over the initialization of your variables, so the answer is "undetermined." A small half was about turning binary numbers into octal or hex into decimal, and the last half was about debugging some programs in the "Test" language. Overall, it took like an hour and a half, and was a wacky-fun way to spend a Tuesday afternoon!

Happy happy! I get sunday and monday off of work, but sad sad, I get tuesday at 8:45am...