Monday, January 5th, 2004: I Wish I Had His Job

Secret 5th Panel...
01/04/04 11:20:15 PM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: happy
...which I made up:

A: Oh, yeah... What happened to my royalty checks? And the action figure sales?


01/07/04 12:02:44 AM  <link>
by: regolith - mood: exhausted
Sorry for not having more of a rant for this week... I've been waking up tired, I guess from going to sleep late... been working on a possible series of comics with some much-needed continuity! Work took a turn for the tedious today, when we were directed to start tracking our working time with a system I was working on starting over a year ago and trailing off about 6 months ago, when nobody seemed to care about it anymore. Now, I've got to go back to that code and add reports. Maybe I can get us to switch over to some nice free solution that I don't have to write reports for... Besides work and comic storylines, I've been working on a flash game involving the best video game character ever, Haggar from Final Fight III! I have been moving towards something similar to the other final fight games, but I think I'd rather misuse him in a completely different genre, much like OMM did when they made Final Fight: Stratego (I expect our google pagerank for that search term will now double! Also: C# bittorrent seed kotor tenshi na konamaiki japanese coupon). Anyway, I'm going to post my test swf which is not really nice or anything, but it has Haggar and Haggar and the music and the punching sound! (You can move standing Haggar with the arrow keys, and you can't control punching Haggar, as he is glued to the floor)

I guess it's especially raw, since I forgot to do a preloader, so if it's messed up or something, blame jesus. not me. So... in addition to whatever else I mentioned above and writing rants when I should be getting ready for bed, I think that my reading of scans of a manga called Salad Days is somewhat torturous to my poor, romantic man-heart. I've got 18 volumes to go through, and each one has 5-6 separate stories of young people discovering love and pain and love, or whatever, and I think it's contributing to my weariness. Owel, I have no choice but to press on. Volume 12 is next, so just a couple more nights of this, and maybe I'll be free!

Also, MS keeps sending me nagging emails, saying that they weren't able to charge my card (it expired, tee-hee) and that they're going to suspend my xbox live service if it hasn't been already... Well... whatever. I guess I'll just activate it whenever someone I know has some time to familiarize himself with crimson skies and then play online. Oh, Crimson Skies... It's great. Like Indiana Jones in a WWI fighter plane which also has missiles. My only complaints are that it seems like I've got probably one boss left, and I haven't been playing quite long enough for my taste, and the playable zone borders in Chicago (skyscraper land) are way too close to the action. I'll be flying between a couple buildings to get some distance and loop back, when suddenly, the game will force my plane into a turn and smash me into one of them (it's usually not TOO damaging, but put the zone boundary on a river or something!).

Anyway, looks like I'll be tired again tomorrow. A great state to be in when trying to tweak a site that's live and being used by customers... *sigh*


Well, We Got Fucked.
01/07/04 11:32:56 AM  <link>
by: apon - mood: chaos

We can't play the NWN:HoU campaign in multiplayer. The only reason we fucking bought it! See today's Penny Arcade for details / links.