Saturday, December 9th, 2000: No Comic

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Baby-Eating Rant Converter
2000-12-09 21:44:28
by: Baby-Eating Rant Converter

Gaming party was fun. I think I ate a 1.5 pounds of peanut m&ms (was that a 2-pound bag?). That seemed kinda big for a 2-pounder, maybe it was actually 4 pounds. *sigh* My tounge is a disaster area.

I went out to eat tonight with the family. Went to Jade Mongolian Buffet or something. The food wasn't as good as at Osaka (in Marietta. excellent buffet.) but it wasn't brittain. I guess that's good. The family was the family. Sara (10.75 y/o sister) now owns Pokemon Gold and Silver (and Red). They asked what I wanted for christmas... Somehow I find that I don't really want anything (except tuition for Tech), so I asked for a couple DVDs and this 3d game engine design book. Dad says he'll get mom a portable cd player in my name if I want. I don't know if I should take that or think up & buy a present on my own... Dad wants a box of chocolate covered cherries, and Sara wants a Nintendo 64 (and Pokemon games to go with it, I assume).

Switching back to the gaming party: There were too many people to have a good game of micromachines. Last time we had it, there was no Dreamcast and about 6 people. Nobody was interested after it locked up between levels a couple of times, anyway.

I'm just gonna lie down for a while.